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Ask any parent what they want for their child and they will tell you one thing: to be happy, enjoy learning and play in a safe environment. Surely, you agree? That’s why we created our large SoftPlay equipment providing parents with the best and simplest way to keep their new-borns and toddlers safe and happy.  We sell to School’s, Nurseries, play groups, play gyms, special needs facilities and the general public.

Great! Where can I find you?

We are based in Bradford, West Yorkshire off Cutler Heights Lane behind Ned Lane Garages.

Contact us

You can contact us on 01274899707 or on 07464500786 alternatively you can email us at or

Why choose us?

Because we are the most reasonably priced for any soft play equipment in the UK. We pride ourselves in making all our products to suit everyone’s budget may it be only one item or multiple items.  We also promote a high code of company ethics. Each client is subject to be treated as an individual, as each has a personal budget, needs and soft play area equipment space. However, many of our products are fully portable and easily stored. We source the whole of the United Kingdom with our products, whether you live all the way up in Scotland, to Northern Ireland, Ireland or all the way down in Cornwall we will deliver to you within 3-5 working days.