Building Block Toys Will Help Your Child Become Smarter And Sharper


Baby floor play words learning bricks Softplay Equipment and fun activity 
Cat /was /small /in /of /the /what /car/ yes /bat dog /has /big /is /you /and /with /ball /no /hat

Individual use or part of a soft play set 610 gsm pvc 33/190 foam

make sentences

Recognise words






Building Block Toys Will Help Your Child Become Smarter And Sharper

Soft Play Baby Words Learning Bricks Kit is perfect for household play centers and kindergartens because it offers a number of our items for a high price. The building block toys are designed to increase the literacy and recognition ability to read.

It is an exceptional choice for babies aged between 6-12 months because it offers ample space for crawling activities. Our building block toys to keep your baby healthy, therefore, whether you’re looking to buy one or want to play specific soft play.

Features of Building Block Toys :

  • Soft and light bricks constructed from foam and PVC cover
  • Easy to store Built to cultivate physical and imaginative play alongside the imagination of children
  • Safe to use and easy to clean
  • These building block toys are specially designed to keep your little ones busy and active all day long
  • Suitable for indoors as well as outdoor activities

Delivery:  3-5 working days

Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 10 × 7 cm

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