An 18 Inches High Soft Ball Pit For The Notorious Ones


  1. Soft Ball Pit For The Notorious Ones
  2. Length approx: 120cm x Height 30cm x Width 120cm
  3. 4ft x 4ft x 18@ (height )
  4. Wall thickness approx. 6” thick
  5. get togetger with Velcro
  6. 610 gsm pvc 33/190




An 18 Inches High Soft Ball Pit For The Notorious Ones

Throw a playdate for your child and his friends and let them have fun in this soft ball pit. This 18-inch soft ball pit can prove to be an excellent option for gifting purposes also.

Just imagine the fun that your child could have with this Soft Ball Pit, which helps to encourage the all-round development of children through hours of creative play in a healthy environment in their own brightly colored Ball Pool while playing and socializing with other kids. This soft ball pit is simple to mount and store and takedown.

Features of Soft Ball Pit:

  • Sky Blue Color with optional Steps & Slider
  • Length about: 122 x Height 30 cm x Width 122 4 ft x 4 ft x 18
  • Wall thickness approx. 6 inches
  • Single-use or part of a soft play package
  • Complies with the new fire and safety regulations
  • High quality easy to wipe clean covers
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor play
  • Inner Sewn Seams, High-Density Foam Inserts

Delivery:  3 working days

Additional information

Dimensions 121 × 121 × 45 cm

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